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Quality Custom Commercial Joinery & Cabinet Makers in Sydney

Are you looking for professionals who can design kitchens and cater to custom joinery services? Are your current kitchen cabinets and other setups not meeting your requirements? At Liteco Kitchens & Joinery we meet all your demands, bringing to you a wide range of services in Sydney related to custom commercial joinery and kitchen design.

About Liteco Kitchens & Joinery

Liteco Kitchens & Joinery is a reliable and reputed name when it comes to commercial joinery in Sydney. With over 15 years in the market, we have been catering to 360⁰ services related to residential kitchens and custom joinery services. We have been regarded as one of the top service providers in kitchen design and installation.

Our team of experienced professionals leave no stone unturned when bringing you the latest design & style trends. We ensure that quality craftsmen build custom joinery and install your kitchen exactly the way you had imagined and dreamt of. With our office located at Rockdale, NSW, we work with you with the latest European machinery to create the highest quality kitchens and joinery with beautiful finishes that fit perfectly, saving you both money and time. We never compromise with quality, and hence, with quality products, we make sure a kitchen is long-lasting, functional, and affordable.

Liteco Kitchens & Joinery provides both commercial joinery and residential kitchen designing effectively and efficiently.

We are experienced in working with different professionals in the construction industry including builders, architects, and designers.

Why Choose Us?

There are several famous names in Sydney when it comes to cabinet making, kitchen design, and commercial joinery. But, over the years, we have remained as the top picks for both residential and commercial customers. We ensure you get the best in custom services for kitchen remodelling and design. The following are some of the top reasons why hiring us to design and create cabinet and custom kitchens joinery in Sydney is always going to be the best bet:

  • Affordable Services

Liteco Kitchens & Joinery has always stressed catering affordable services to people looking for custom kitchen design, cabinets, and joinery. Being in the services for years, we have adopted a proven procurement methodology that has helped us reduce the overall pricing of the material and hence, services. Therefore, to all your budgeted bespoke residential and custom commercial joinery in Sydney, bank on us.

  • On-Time Completion

We value your time and hence, structure the project so that it gets completed well within the estimated time. We, over the years, have adopted a streamlined working methodology, where right from project initiation till completion- everything moves on smoothly and without any hindrance. So, if you are hiring us for commercial joinery in Sydney, we will first chalk out what is to be done and plan accordingly.

  • Custom Kitchen Design & Cabinet Making

We understand that the requirements of every household and commercial kitchen are different, and hence, the approach cannot be the same. No matter what type of kitchen you dreamt of, we offer you a complete solution of custom kitchen design and joinery in Sydney that would look stunning as well as work with your space and your family. Our experts would visit your place to get an idea of the area and how it can be designed ergonomically.

  • Affordability, Durability & Longevity

At Liteco Kitchens & Joinery, we never compromise with the quality of the products and hence services. The services we cater for are among the most affordable in Sydney and its suburbs. Therefore, we have evolved as one of the leading cabinet makers who work to bring your dream kitchen to life today. With the best quality of joinery materials, we ensure better durability and longevity.

  • Expert Consultation

If you are in the catch-2 situation regarding whether to go or not to go for a kitchen renovation, what should be the best kitchen design that would ensure comfort and ascertain that it meets the requirements? Then it would be best if you went for expert consultation. We offer you expert consultation on the best & ideal kitchen design with the help of the latest technology. We would also provide you with a visual of how your custom kitchen would look and suggest if any suggestion would be required or not.

Our Work Methodology

We have always entrusted the best services, and hence to achieve this, we follow our work methodology. This streamlined work methodology has helped us be one of the leading cabinet makers and custom kitchen design and commercial kitchen joinery services providers in Sydney.

The following is the set work structure that our professionals follow to get the work completed:

  1. Work starts with SITE VISIT, where a team of expert, experienced, trained consultants would pay a visit to your place and do the assessment where you want to get the kitchen cabinet and joinery services done.
  2. These experts would then listen to your requirements and examine the FEASIBILITY of the things. They would also provide you with expert CONSULTATION on better options which you might/might not agree to.
  3. Once the requirements are clear, we hand you over the list of work details and the estimated time required to get the kitchen installation or remodelling. Not all kitchens would require the same time to be completed. While residential kitchens are small in size mostly, it requires less time than the commercial custom kitchen joinery. We would also tell you about the time when the work would start. We do not delay projects.

The best part of our project planning is COMMUNICATION. Every team member including the project manager provide open communication during each stage of the project this helps to eliminate loss and unnecessary rework. We always work to the best of our ability the ensure the highest level of quality workmanship is delivered.

Get in Touch with us

To speak to someone about your commercial joinery, please call 02 8084 2944 or contact us today and find out more about what we have to offer. We have a no-obligation free quote available to get you started!